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Checkmate – why your brightest colleagues try to keep you in the dark

Throw light on dealing with a difficult Dark Strategist at work and turn manipulation and flawed execution into productive collaboration

Worst Enemy at Work – or Best Ally? How to thrive alongside a Scary Specialist 🤨

Worst Enemy at Work or Best Ally? How to deal with a difficult colleague who is a Scary Specialist 🤨 #difficultpeople

Mastering the Challenge of the Scary Specialist

Ever faced a 'Scary Specialist' at work? 🚀 Discover how to deal with the challenges of high-performing, demanding managers

Maximising the Impact: How to Use ‘The Nine Types of Difficult People’ Effectively 📘

Unlock the secrets to handling difficult colleagues with 'The Nine Types of Difficult People'. Transform your workplace dynamics now!
Nick Robinson

Were problems at OpenAI caused by Sam Altman being a ‘Difficult Revolutionary”?

Explore the risks and rewards of being a 🙃 difficult revolutionary leader in my article, featuring Sam Altman's journey at OpenAI

Beyond the Monster Myth: Unraveling the Mystery of Difficult Leaders

Beyond the Monster Myth: A revealing look into the heart of challenging leaders and the reality behind difficult people at work.


Crumbs! I’ve only gone and had a book published …

Discover strategies to deal with difficult people in my new book: How to spot them and quickly improve working relationships.

Constructive Dissent

Conflict is not the enemy at work, but complacency, mediocrity and unvoiced dissent certainly are!

Resistance is Futile – Four Lessons from the Borg for Leaders on Great Organisational Change

Leadership has got way too soft and it’s time to challenge that. And make resistance to change futile! #TheBorg

Work-Life Balance is for the HR wimps

Work-Life Balance is for HR wimps. 2am's prime time if you love your work. Burnout's about control, not hours. Have diverse passions and thrive!

The Golden Rule for Great Working Relationships

Ever thought workplace harmony could boil down to one simple rule? Sometimes, it's just that straightforward. Discover my golden mantra!

Unlocking the Boardroom: How Coaching transforms you for the C-Suite

Unlocking the boardroom isn't just talent — it's WHOLE shifts in mindset. Discover the changes you need to get into the C-Suite.

Better Team Communications

Boost team chats with a classic model: active listening, feedback, shared meaning. It's how they understand, not just what you say!

What a Positive Workplace Culture Should Actually Be About

Positive culture isn't about table football or pizza. It's fixing what's broken, owning mistakes, celebrating success, and offering help.

Overcoming the Barriers to Personal Growth

Overcoming the barriers to personal growth: Seek feedback, acknowledge incongruence, define clear outcomes, and never stop experimenting.
A first-aid backpack on the ground in a forest setting with mountains in the distance. Used as a metaphor for applying the principles of Dr ABC to managing high-pressure decisions at work

The Dr ABC of Managing High-Pressure Decisions – an Emergency Response Guide

If you need to manage a high-pressure decision at work, here's my first-aid guide, using the principles of Dr ABC and applying them to great leadership.

Research Highlight: The Impact of Coaching on Team Performance

Discover how coaching can transform your team! Recent research shows it significantly boosts performance, productivity, and communication.

10 Key Strategies for Growing Effective Teams

Discover the top 10 strategies for building effective teams in my latest article and help grow your team to their full potential