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Maximising the Impact: How to Use ‘The Nine Types of Difficult People’ Effectively 📘

Unlock the secrets to handling difficult colleagues with 'The Nine Types of Difficult People'. Transform your workplace dynamics now!
Nick Robinson

Were problems at OpenAI caused by Sam Altman being a ‘Difficult Revolutionary”?

Explore the risks and rewards of being a 🙃 difficult revolutionary leader in my article, featuring Sam Altman's journey at OpenAI

Beyond the Monster Myth: Unraveling the Mystery of Difficult Leaders

Beyond the Monster Myth: A revealing look into the heart of challenging leaders and the reality behind difficult people at work.

Crumbs! I’ve only gone and had a book published …

Discover strategies to deal with difficult people in my new book: How to spot them and quickly improve working relationships.

Constructive Dissent

Conflict is not the enemy at work, but complacency, mediocrity and unvoiced dissent certainly are!

Resistance is Futile – Four Lessons from the Borg for Leaders on Great Organisational Change

Leadership has got way too soft and it’s time to challenge that. And make resistance to change futile! #TheBorg


27 Ways to Recognise Shame at Work

📺 Video: Don't let shame hold you back at work🚨 Discover how to overcome feelings of failure & be a better team player. 🌟 Learn to recognise shame with these 27 tips

Shame at Work – Definition

Shame, an insidious Self-Limit, could be blocking your progress at work. Discover its impact and how to rise above it in this article. 🌁📈

Recognising Self-Doubt at Work

Overcome self-doubt at work by recognising it! Discover the impact, emotions, & self-talk behind it; learn 4 steps to overcome.

The Three Levels of Awareness

If you're feeling anxious, held-back, angry or hopeless, raise your ● awareness ● of the Seven Self-Limits
A graphic of the Seven Self-Limits

Ep. 5. Overcoming Self-Doubt – Step 1: Awareness

Start overcoming Self-Doubt and boosting confidence with the crucial skill of Awareness

Ep. 4. Brief Intro to each of the Seven Self-Limits

Here’s a quick overview of each of the Seven types of Self-Limits. Includes some guidance on internal dialogue, emotions and other issues to help raise awareness.
A graphic of the Seven Self-Limits

3. Why the Seven Self-Limits might stomp on your attempts to change!

Here's a few more tips before we dive in and some warnings about the self-limits that might try to stomp on your attempts to change and improve things!

2. How to use this Programme

If there’s one thing that I almost always cover with my coaching clients, it’s this tool. Here's how to make it work.

1. Introduction

Introduction to Overcoming the Seven Self-Limits.

When it comes to Success, does Luck matter more than Talent?

Recent research highlighted by the annual Ignoble prizes may show that, when it comes to being successful, luck counts for more than talent.

3 Handy Ways to Avoid Doing Great Delegation (Part 1/3)

This is the first of three short posts with some handy tips for avoiding the dangers of doing half-way decent delegation

Trust, Responsibility and Accountability

I believe that our leaders should: • Do what they said they would • Do the right things • Be willing to openly justify what they did. Do you agree?