Photo taken in about 1990.
Big lapels were in (obviously).

In my early twenties I won my large employer’s national development programme. It was a big deal and my ‘prize’ was a significant promotion to an operational leadership job. I was almost out of my depth, just about hanging-in there for a few years, coming home late at night, falling straight asleep still dressed in my suit and coat. I made plenty of mistakes!

But I felt absolutely, brilliantly alive.

I became fascinated by how people organise, prioritise and decide to work together on complex tasks. By what makes individuals and teams fulfilled and sustained.

Later, I became even more fascinated by those times when things aren’t easy, smooth or harmonious at work – and how we deal with that.

My coaching now is all about championing people who are facing a challenging situation at work. Or who have somehow become ‘difficult’ in the eyes of others and need some championing of their own.

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