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Maximising the Impact: How to Use ‘The Nine Types of Difficult People’ Effectively 📘

Unlock the secrets to handling difficult colleagues with 'The Nine Types of Difficult People'. Transform your workplace dynamics now!
Nick Robinson

Were problems at OpenAI caused by Sam Altman being a ‘Difficult Revolutionary”?

Explore the risks and rewards of being a 🙃 difficult revolutionary leader in my article, featuring Sam Altman's journey at OpenAI

Beyond the Monster Myth: Unraveling the Mystery of Difficult Leaders

Beyond the Monster Myth: A revealing look into the heart of challenging leaders and the reality behind difficult people at work.

Crumbs! I’ve only gone and had a book published …

Discover strategies to deal with difficult people in my new book: How to spot them and quickly improve working relationships.

Constructive Dissent

Conflict is not the enemy at work, but complacency, mediocrity and unvoiced dissent certainly are!

Resistance is Futile – Four Lessons from the Borg for Leaders on Great Organisational Change

Leadership has got way too soft and it’s time to challenge that. And make resistance to change futile! #TheBorg


Learning from Legends: Five Timeless Strategies for Goal Setting and Achievement

Discover goal-setting strategies from Einstein, da Vinci, Gandhi, Jobs, and Kahlo in my latest blog post. Whose footsteps will you follow?

Leadership Development Strategies for Success at Work: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlock your leadership potential with my step-by-step guide. From self-assessment to continuous learning, discover my keys to your success at work.

The Impact of Adapting Leadership Styles to Different Situations: A Research Summary

Can changing your leadership style REALLY make you more effective and your followers more fulfilled? A research summary.

Top 5 Insights Gained from Executive Coaching Experiences

Discover 5 key insights from executive coaching. Boost skills, navigate challenges, and unlock your potential.

10 Steps for Leading Through a Crisis

Leading through a crisis requires a unique set of skills. Here are my top 10 practical insights to steer your team through tough times.

My Take on Resilience: Community & Flexibility

Join me as I share my personal insights on resilience – how community and flexibility empower us to bounce back.

Developing Strategic Thinking Skills: A Step-By-Step Guide

Unleash your potential with strategic thinking! Discover how this key skill can transform your professional journey

Building Strong Relationships in Remote Teams

Embrace the remote work revolution! Dive into my guide to building strong relationships within your remote team
A silhouette of flying trapeze artists and a framework construction

Unlocking the Secrets of High-Performing Teams: The Impact of Trust on Employee Performance – A Research Summary

Discover trust's power to fuel exceptional performance and ignite your team's success! A Research Summary.
An orchestral conductor holds a baton above some sheet music

27 Executive Coaching Tips: A Cheat Sheet for Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

Elevate your leadership skills with these 27 executive coaching tips. Boost your team's morale and productivity today.
A big green tree with branches, in a field against a blue sky and white clouds

How to Use Self-Reflection for Personal Growth These Days

Turn the mirror on yourself for up-to-the-minute growth. Discover the power of self-reflection
A modern ship's compass

How to Navigate Office Politics as a New Leader in Today’s World

Steer your ship through the sea of office politics. New leaders, here's your compass for the world today 🧭