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Video – Boundaries at Work

Boundaries at work can be a tricky topic. But they’re an important part of helping everybody to be at their best. Fortunately, #CaptainCoach is on hand again to show the way …

Video – Difficult Conversations at Work

Good news - difficult conversations at work don’t need to be difficult any more - phew! Video: Why they're difficult, how to do them.

Business Book of the Month Webinar

How to deal with the 9 types of difficult people. Catch-up with my Book of the Month webinar. Mindset, tools, strategies and more.

How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser at Work – My Book in Stylist Magazine

Worried that you might be a People-Pleaser at work? 😟👩‍💼 Here's how to ditch the habit! 🚫 @StylistMagazine article 📰

Why People Become Difficult at Work

Ever experienced someone being really difficult to get on with at work, and wondered WHY? 🤷‍♀️ Check-out this article to discover the 4️⃣ key reasons.

My Book in Stylist Magazine: 9 types of difficult people you’ll come across at work

Great article in @StylistMagazine, my book, 9 Types of Difficult People. Really good overview + super tips for great working relationships!


Unlocking the Boardroom: How Coaching transforms you for the C-Suite

Unlocking the boardroom isn't just talent — it's WHOLE shifts in mindset. Discover the changes you need to get into the C-Suite.

Better Team Communications

Boost team chats with a classic model: active listening, feedback, shared meaning. It's how they understand, not just what you say!

What a Positive Workplace Culture Should Actually Be About

Positive culture isn't about table football or pizza. It's fixing what's broken, owning mistakes, celebrating success, and offering help.

Overcoming the Barriers to Personal Growth

Overcoming the barriers to personal growth: Seek feedback, acknowledge incongruence, define clear outcomes, and never stop experimenting.
A first-aid backpack on the ground in a forest setting with mountains in the distance. Used as a metaphor for applying the principles of Dr ABC to managing high-pressure decisions at work

The Dr ABC of Managing High-Pressure Decisions – an Emergency Response Guide

If you need to manage a high-pressure decision at work, here's my first-aid guide, using the principles of Dr ABC and applying them to great leadership.

Research Highlight: The Impact of Coaching on Team Performance

Discover how coaching can transform your team! Recent research shows it significantly boosts performance, productivity, and communication.

10 Key Strategies for Growing Effective Teams

Discover the top 10 strategies for building effective teams in my latest article and help grow your team to their full potential

Closing the Gap: My Opinion on Conquering Imposter Syndrome at Work

Unmasking Imposter Syndrome: my view on how to close the gap between reality and undefined standards - and conquer self-doubt together.

Managing Difficult Conversations at Work

Equip yourself to manage difficult conversations at work effectively and compassionately with this comprehensive step-by-step guide

Charting the Course to High Team Performance: Insights from a Groundbreaking Study

Ever wondered how average teams become star performers? A fascinating new study reveals surprising insights! ⭐️

Learning from Legends: Five Timeless Strategies for Goal Setting and Achievement

Discover goal-setting strategies from Einstein, da Vinci, Gandhi, Jobs, and Kahlo in my latest blog post. Whose footsteps will you follow?

Leadership Development Strategies for Success at Work: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlock your leadership potential with my step-by-step guide. From self-assessment to continuous learning, discover my keys to your success at work.