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Seven Essential Leadership Tools

If you're a visual person, you'll love this. My seven most essential leadership tools - but can you name all seven?

Assumptions Afternoon

The assumptions and the mind-reading are still rampant at work. Co-designing is the answer - if you're brave enough

Motivation for Leaders

Why my favourite go-to motivational quote still has three fatal flaws; and what leaders should do about them:

More on Outcome Focus

Is this the most powerful question you can ever ask?

Self-Awareness (2b): Impact and Results

In your interactions with other people, do you always get the result you'd intended?

The Supportive Boss

Leaders: 7 things your struggling employee needs to hear you say

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I'm Not as Good as You Think I am

The fleeting and subtle moments of self doubt before something big

The Hero Shadow

The three steps to replacing heroics with genuinely useful decisive action

Learning Styles and Business

How your learning style reveals the best way to approach your work and career

Dealing with Overwhelm

The best tip you will ever hear for dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed comes from survival swimming

Is Your Business Competing?

Where to start if your business is not competing as well as you want it to

Decision Making Hacks Part 2:

How to let fate lend a hand in decision-making to reveal which options are really important

Decision Making Hacks for Teams: Part 1

How groups of people can get to properly informed, timely and committed decision-making without too much struggle

The Three Stages of Teams and How Entrepreneurs Can Use Them

The power of a well-focused team – combined with a natural entrepreneur

What's your reason for doing what you do?

How to use the reason behind what you do to find motivation and engage with your marketplace

Leading with Motivational Source

How do you know when you or your staff do or don't need recognition? And what tactic should you use?

The Motivation Equation

Motivation is like a chain - only as strong as its weakest link. Here's my top five tips for motivating yourself and others

A Stake in the Game

Musings on the structural factors that help people feel ownership of their work