This is my new programme to help deal with things like procrastination, imposter-syndrome, confidence-dips, self-sabotage and massive over-reactions when you’re facing a big challenge at work!

It’s mostly video, with some of my sketches and other stuff to help people learn what to do. It’s all free and there’s no sign-up, so please dive in and see if there’s anything useful here for your success at work.

A graphic of the Seven Self-Limits

We all have a collection of mental Self-Limits that put unconscious restrictions on what we say and how we behave.

They’re like a double-check on what we might do. Or like an emergency brake on what we might accidentally say.

Most of the time these Self-Limits are useful. They stop us from looking stupid. They keep us from biting off more than we can chew. And they make sure we don’t say or do something to annoy people or to damage our status.

But when we want to make an important change at work, or when we need to get something difficult done, and especially if we’re already under pressure, the Self-Limits have a strong tendency to really hold us back.  They can make us second-guess ourselves. Or worse, they can make us actually fail.

If there’s an important change you want to bring about, this programme can help make sure you don’t lose your confidence or sabotage yourself before you’ve even started.

If you’re facing a challenging situation at work it’ll make sure you can deal with any doubts and self-criticisms that might get in the way of success.

And if you’re already under pressure, it’ll help to get you out of a rough patch and make sure you don’t get into the habit of making things worse, both in what you do and in how you relate to other people.

Watch Episode 1 Introduction or dive into any of the videos or articles below to get started. Hope you find it useful!