Transitioning to the Board or Top-Team

The six key mindset changes you must make to be successful in your first job on the board

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  1. Elizabeth McCarthy
    Elizabeth McCarthy says:

    I really like the flow chart and recognise traits of some of those managers I work with at peer and higher levels. So the chart appears straight forward although somewhat too easy in the part that ends in “ask them to leave” – as in the past, in my experience this has been far from straight forward in the NHS – although to end on a positive note I do see this changing in my current NHS organisation with a more accountable approach being adopted to poor performers and negative individuals.

    • Nick
      Nick says:

      Thanks Elizabeth,
      And yes, the “ask them to leave” bit of that flowchart is really just the start of quite a long process in some organisations!
      There’s also really a fourth option, which is that people leave of their own accord before then.
      I wanted to emphasise that in asking anybody to change, you have to consider that you (the organisation) may also need to change and that actually change itself is not the only possible outcome.

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