Exclusive New Year message for subscribers

Happy New Year! and a couple of questions for y’all.

I’m hoping that, if I’ve got the tech right, this article will appear in my monthly newsletter for December 2018, so you should be reading it right at the end of the year or just at the start of the next. And what’s more, only you and the select band of like-minded folk who are crazy enough to subscribe to this newsletter will ever get to read this!

New years are weird things, aren’t they?

I’ve got a real dislike of any kind of fixed celebrations that I’m supposed to do at a certain time. If it was entirely up to me, I’d even celebrate my birthday on a different, possibly random, day each year. I’m told this makes me “difficult”, which is probably true 🙂

Nevertheless, and putting my strange behaviour aside, we are actually here, at the end of another calendar year and with the blank pages of a new one just waiting to receive our impressions.

I don’t know how you feel about that, although I would like to know if you’d care to drop me a line or leave a comment while this post still has comments open?

How did your 2018 go?
What was the theme of your experiences in 2018?
What did you learn this year?

And how about 2019?
What’s your focus going to be about this coming year?
If you had a sense that something important was going to unfold in 2019, what might that something be?
Who are you becoming this year?
And who or what is your unique and precious existence in service of, for the next 365 once-in-lifetime-only days?

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