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Beauty and Redemption

James Bond and William Morris on why beauty is important in our work and our workplaces

You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup

As we go into the Covid19 bounce-back phase, how Bruce Lee can help us to top-up our Resilience, Willpower and Empathy


The poem Invictus: part of a series of short videos where I share things which have helped me to get through difficult times, to overcome challenges or which I just find inspiring.

Rules of Behaviour and Social Distancing

Why some people won't social distance, why some people won't tell them to, and why others are outraged

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Useful motivation or unhelpful bullshit - how do you know?

The Motivation Equation and Self-Belief (part 1 of a series)

How to define the outcome and establish your evidence to get more Self-Belief and better Motivation at work

Older Articles

Beyond Impostor Syndrome

Don't just settle for the comfort of overcoming imposter syndrome - go beyond it

Teams vs Groups

What's the difference between a Team and a Group - when do you need them and what makes them work?

The Language of Emotions

A resource to help describe what you're feeling, in order to support change

How to do Inspiring Visions

JFK's "We Choose to go to the Moon..." - Learn how one of the best vision speeches we'll ever hear is crafted

Famous Failures

A lot of very successful people started out with quite spectacular failures; here's a few examples

Stepping into Fierceness

Can you change your emotional-state almost instantly - even to something that's right out of your comfort zone?

"The Future is Here - it's Just not Evenly Distributed"

What kind of leaders do we need to deal with today's unparalleled pace of change?

Some Dogs Look Like Their Owners

What leadership is and why your business reflects your leadership style whether you want it to or not

Compassion Fatigue

If my client is experiencing compassion-fatigue, how do I spot it, what might it tell me about their situation, and what should we do about it

I'm Not as Good as You Think I am

The fleeting and subtle moments of self doubt before something big

The Hero Shadow

The three steps to replacing heroics with genuinely useful decisive action

Learning Styles and Business

How your learning style reveals the best way to approach your work and career