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You'll Be Fine

I so want people to understand, right down in their bones, that they will get through tough, difficult and challenging situations

Thinking is more painful than electric shocks!

Why people often don't get clear about their desired outcome or choose the best approach to take, before they act

Moral Support and Working Remotely

The Top 4 Reasons why Leaders aren't doing enough Remote Stroking and Moral Support 

Six Things that Great Time-Management is about NOT doing

"#1 Will Surprise You!" (It won’t – that’s just my silly way of highlighting that #1 is about NOT getting distracted.)

Zooming, Storming, Norming and Performing - Teams and Video Conferencing

How Video-conferencing is impacting the way that teams perform and making us miss crucial problems

Beauty and Redemption

James Bond and William Morris on why beauty is important in our work and our workplaces

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Systems Science and Decision-making

The Descartes school of getting your board to painlessly make decisions

Positive Behavioural Change

Give someone a real boost to their interpersonal skills using Positive Intention & Metaphor

Good to Talk

The Zen of a great space for thinking out loud about ideas, concerns and ambitions

Team Alignment

Six surprisingly simple things to check if your team isn't all pulling together

Hitting a Rough Patch

The six reasons why men lose the plot at work, and what to do about it

Beyond Impostor Syndrome

Don't just settle for the comfort of overcoming imposter syndrome - go beyond it

Teams vs Groups

What's the difference between a Team and a Group - when do you need them and what makes them work?

The Language of Emotions

A resource to help describe what you're feeling, in order to support change

How to do Inspiring Visions

JFK's "We Choose to go to the Moon..." - Learn how one of the best vision speeches we'll ever hear is crafted

Famous Failures

A lot of very successful people started out with quite spectacular failures; here's a few examples

Stepping into Fierceness

Can you change your emotional-state almost instantly - even to something that's right out of your comfort zone?

"The Future is Here - it's Just not Evenly Distributed"

What kind of leaders do we need to deal with today's unparalleled pace of change?