A talk by Nick Robinson

There’ll Always Be More Sheep

Why mediocre eclipses brilliant and how to fight back

The sheep have taken over and mediocrity rules the day. And those who want to be brilliant in their work are penned-in with the rest. But if you understand why mediocrity happens and know how to shear your way free, a brilliant future awaits.

The sheep have taken over. Mediocre businesses, mediocre leaders and mediocre outputs are everywhere. People and companies looking to do brilliant work are all too often eclipsed by the flock. The potential of brilliant ideas suffocated under woolly imitations. Brilliant problem-solving drowned out by incessant bleating.

But it’s not too late. While there will always be more sheep, it is possible to understand why the mediocre so often eclipses the brilliant. If you’re really committed to the journey, to avoiding the many pitfalls along the way and moving towards what’s really worth achieving, it is possible to be brilliant and stand out from the herd.

You can fight back against the mediocre. Unless you really want to, you don’t have to join the ranks of the sheep and settle for less. You can stay faithful to the vision, be a brilliant leader and be true to yourself at work. You can inspire the brilliant people around you to fight for the same.

Find out why mediocre eclipses brilliant and learn how to fight back in this lively, interactive and challenging talk with Nick.

This talk is suitable for groups of 20 or more people, in sessions ranging from a brief 20‑minute introduction to the topic, through to an in-depth two‑hour CPD or training session; and for conference break-out sessions or keynote speeches.

If this talk might be useful for your conference, event or professional group, please click the button to contact me, or scroll down to find out more. You’ll see there’s some brilliant testimonials and a handy pdf download.

Nick has spoken to our finance professionals in all sectors. He is exacting with the audience – in a good way! That is, he makes demands on their skills, attention, and knowledge – and they walk away the better for it. For me as organiser, he is professional and efficient. For the delegate, they listen and use what they have learned. CPD at its best.”
Damian Buchanan, ACCA

“I’ve received nothing but positive feedback about Nick’s presentation at the Dealer Support LIVE event. He was entertaining, engaging and informative and delegates went away with plenty of real world advice that they could apply to their own businesses, which is exactly what we asked Nick to do.”
Austin Clark, Editor, Dealer Support

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the sessions at Morrison’s People Week. We had a number of different levels represented which showed the importance of this subject and also should allow for improved working within teams. As we discussed, I felt that they went really well with a healthy level of discussion and engagement. Also, the attendance levels were a lot higher than expected which means we certainly chose the correct topic.”
Chris Watson, Morrisons PLC

“Nick’s presentation at the Institute of Directors NW Women on Boards Conference was excellent. Nick’s warm and engaging style is a pleasure to listen to and he provided some great insights.”
Andrea Lowe, Events Manager
Institute of Directors NW

“I would like to say a very big THANK YOU, for agreeing to present to the Leadership Development Course. I learnt so much from you and found your presence a great encouragement and support. Thanks also for sharing your own ideas and modelling excellence for us. It really has been great to work with you.”
Dr. Shirley Jenner, MMU Business School

“Thanks again for speaking at the event on Friday, I’ve had some fantastic feedback from delegates and it delivered perfectly from my perspective. Personally, I found it excellent and really thought provoking but certainly from the ELITE committee’s point of view, it hit the mark for them as well.”
Sam Devonshire, British Computer Society ELITE Forum