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Every Time

I wrote a poem: 12 things to do every time you want to go beyond yourself

Empowering Beliefs (part 3)

How to get real about empowering yourself, by training your mind to filter and focus your attention

The Fast and Furious Guide to Great Rapport

How rapport and great relationships at work start just like brilliant stunt-driving #rapport


Image update for you to download #Failure #Inspiration #Reframing #Acronym

Leadership and Physical Intelligence

How's your Physical Intelligence - and how does this affect your ability to lead others?

Progress not Perfection

8 little-known factors that could affect your ability to actually get stuff done

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Time Management - Evolving

As your career and your leadership roles progress, how should your Time Management evolve to keep up?

Leadership, Power and Empowerment

What leaders should really be doing if they want to #empower people, and five coaching questions that help:

Snowplough Leadership and Volunteers

A few ideas to kick around if you lead volunteers, or just want to play with Snowplough Leadership

Leonardo da Vinci's Top 7 Tips for (not) Goal-Setting

Why there's a 50% chance that setting SMART goals won't work for you; and what to do about it

The Die Hard Guide to Getting Stuff Done

5 killer tips from Die Hard's John McClane for when you just have to be at your most #productive

Don't let your Outer Critic get out of Control

Four expert ways for leaders to ditch their Outer Critic and inspire people instead

Self-Awareness (2a)

How do you make people feel? The importance of Intention in our interactions and four key hints for leaders

Why not make a difference when you can?

How to use simple observation skills to make someone's day

Self-Awareness (1)

9 expert questions and one handy diagram for building great self-awareness

Having An Outcome Focus

Outcome Focus: My top 3 shortcuts to individual success and great team dynamics

How to Like Yourself and be Honest about your Faults at Work

5 Steps to effective behaviour change at work - the Silver Dollar Technique

You can't plough a field by turning it over in your mind

You can't plough a field by turning it over in your mind #action #decisiveness #simplicity #straightforwardness