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Decision-Making and Ketchup

Why nature wants your decision-making process to be fast and frugal and how this is a problem at work

Love to Run; Hate to Train

Imagine this: what you love doing takes less than 10 seconds & you rarely get to do it! Lessons inspired by "I am Bolt"

Flexible Authentic Leadership (with full handout)

12 Easy ways to adapt your leadership style and still be authentic - full handout

Empowering Beliefs (part 2)

Why asking yourself 'why' never works – How the search for meaning steals your power

Trust Yourself

How to take charge of your self-doubt

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10 Ways to be a Smarter Leader

How to be Smart in a World of Dumb Leaders

Tools to Inspire Others

Six ways that leaders should be able to inspire the people around them

Mentors Exercise for Dealing with Challenges

Three amazing people you can have on your side whenever you're facing challenge, uncertainty or fear

Re-calibration and Taking Stock of Achievements

How to stop being annoying & demotivating because you focus too much on what hasn’t yet been done

Mindset & Leading with One-on-One Meetings

How to get your mindset right while you’re holding one on one meetings

Empowering Beliefs (part 1)

Empowerment: How to reveal the unconscious thought processes that can either really help or really hinder you

The Leadership Principle of Flexibility

Leadership: Have you got enough flexibility in your behaviour to adapt until you get the right outcome?

When Leaders Need to Fight

The four types of grown-up fighting and three battlegrounds every leader must be able to win
Nick Robinson Executive Coaching - Kindness at Work

Working Kindess

Why aren't we more kind at work, when kindness really helps?
Dealing with Professional Envy - Nick Robinson Executive Coaching

Envy, Resentment and Fulfilment

Professional Envy at work. Why it's so bad and my easy four-step cure
Defining Planning Timescales Using the Rules of Threes

Productivity, Prioritisation and the Rule of Threes

Using the Rule of Threes to be productive, prioritise effectively and stay focussed

Helping People to be Team Players

The top four reasons why people don’t always act as part of your team