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The Leadership Principle of Flexibility

Leadership: Have you got enough flexibility in your behaviour to adapt until you get the right outcome?

When Leaders Need to Fight

The four types of grown-up fighting and three battlegrounds every leader must be able to win
Nick Robinson Executive Coaching - Kindness at Work

Working Kindess

Why aren't we more kind at work, when kindness really helps?
Dealing with Professional Envy - Nick Robinson Executive Coaching

Envy, Resentment and Fulfilment

Professional Envy at work. Why it's so bad and my easy four-step cure
Defining Planning Timescales Using the Rules of Threes

Productivity, Prioritisation and the Rule of Threes

Using the Rule of Threes to be productive, prioritise effectively and stay focussed

Helping People to be Team Players

The top four reasons why people don’t always act as part of your team

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Three Empowerment Techniques

Three simple ways you won't have thought of to help someone empower themselves at work

eBooklet: Leading with One-to-One Meetings

Using great one to one meetings to lead your team. Short eBooklet for busy managers

Informal Team Alignment Exercise

Is your business the "winningest" team? Fun wordplay to help your team stay aligned

Productivity and Moral Self-Licensing

One (more) reason why people don't straight-away do what they've said they would - and what to do about it

Coaching Techniques

Coaching with clients' symbolic non-verbal cues with respect and empowerment

Leadership Modes and Trekking

Why leadership is a lot like going on a tough hike

Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Review your Year

Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to review performance at work

Goals, Objectives and Being

Goals, or Objectives, or 'Being': how do you set your priorities?

Authentic Leadership

Why it's important to people that you be the 'real you' as a leader; flaws, imperfections and all

Choice Not Control

Whether you feel in or out of control, it's probably an illusion. What you choose is what really counts

Team Performance Using DRIL

A simple four-step approach to great team performance

Personal Energy, Balance & Priorities

Love your work? How to re-energise and keep your sense of balance: