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Leonardo da Vinci's Top 7 Tips for (not) Goal-Setting

Why there's a 50% chance that setting SMART goals won't work for you; and what to do about it

The Die Hard Guide to Getting Stuff Done

5 killer tips from Die Hard's John McClane for when you just have to be at your most #productive

Don't let your Outer Critic get out of Control

Four expert ways for leaders to ditch their Outer Critic and inspire people instead

Self-Awareness (2a)

How do you make people feel? The importance of Intention in our interactions and four key hints for leaders

Why not make a difference when you can?

How to use simple observation skills to make someone's day

Self-Awareness (1)

9 expert questions and one handy diagram for building great self-awareness

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Having An Outcome Focus

Outcome Focus: My top 3 shortcuts to individual success and great team dynamics

How to Like Yourself and be Honest about your Faults at Work

5 Steps to effective behaviour change at work - the Silver Dollar Technique

You can't plough a field by turning it over in your mind

You can't plough a field by turning it over in your mind #action #decisiveness #simplicity #straightforwardness

Leading Millennials and Different Generations

The only guide you’ll ever need for managing those tricky and demanding #Millennials. #Irony 😉


FOCUS - New image update for you to download. #prioritisation #attention #target #goal #importance #focus

Decision-Making and Ketchup

Why nature wants your decision-making process to be fast and frugal and how this is a problem at work

Love to Run; Hate to Train

Imagine this: what you love doing takes less than 10 seconds & you rarely get to do it! Lessons from Bolt

Flexible Authentic Leadership (with full handout)

12 Easy ways to adapt your leadership style and still be authentic - full handout

Empowering Beliefs (part 2)

Why asking yourself 'why' never works – How the search for meaning steals your power

Trust Yourself

How to take charge of your self-doubt

10 Ways to be a Smarter Leader

How to be Smart in a World of Dumb Leaders

Tools to Inspire Others

Six ways that leaders should be able to inspire the people around them