About Nick

Picture of Nick Robinson

I help leaders and teams to be more effective, feel more fulfilled and think more empowered.

I’m an Executive Coach and I’ve been coaching professionally since 1999 with people in large and small businesses and organisations in the private, public and third-sectors.

Although my approach is usually pretty light-hearted and informal, I take people’s development very seriously. I’m into the practical application of learning and understanding and I like helping people to make their actions as effective as possible. I have hard-skills business qualifications: FCCA and MBA; as well as soft-skills qualifications: Certified Professional Coach, NLP Masters and Newfield Mastery in Coaching.

Previously I worked in senior Finance, Corporate Strategy and Project Director jobs in one of the UK’s largest organisations and also set-up, grew and eventually sold a small international consultancy business. I’ve served on the Institute of Director’s regional board and two terms on their national governing Council. I’ve also been a Non Executive Director and chair of audit at my local hospital trust.

About my coaching

Nick Robinson Executive Coaching Methodology

Over the years I’ve learnt and tried lots of coaching approaches and have discovered that there’s a real virtuous circle in how it works. That’s my own model for coaching in the diagram above.

At the heart of my coaching is a belief that everybody wants to have work and business that they can be really great at, without unnecessary struggle.

I love it when people get a sense of meaning and purpose from what they do and how they achieve it, and don’t lose sight of what’s really important to them along the way.

I also know that there are some patterns of thinking and behaving that don’t always work so well. My logical side gets excited helping people to find ways of thinking and to adopt new strategies for taking action that do get great results and satisfaction.

The virtuous circle effect of approaching things in this way is one of the most powerful aspects and I don’t believe it’s possible for leaders and teams to really change and develop without addressing all three of the elements in my model.

Each time you work around this circle, you get new levels of learning and insight, and more ability to create effective and fulfilling action.

First, only by actually doing things – and doing them well – can leaders and teams be properly fulfilled. As they say, you can’t plough a field by turning it over in your mind.

Second, only by feeling good enough about yourself to be constructively critical, (and not negatively critical or blindly defensive) can people really begin to get a handle on their true potential, as individuals and as teams.

Third, only by really believing in yourself can you create a strong, stable and flexible enough platform to achieve your full effectiveness.

Be more effective > Feel more fulfilled > Think more empowered!